Where are you located?

Fox Flight Inc. office is located in:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Where are the areas you operate?

Fox Flight Inc. offers emergency medical transport to patients worldwide, wherever our services are needed.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact Fox Flight Inc. offices 24 hours a day, seven days a week by telephone, fax and email or by visiting us on the Internet.

Telephone: 416-203-3433; Toll-free 1-888-664-8888
Fax: 416-203-9065
Email: mail@foxflight.com
Website: https://foxflight.com

What are the services you offer?

Fox Flight provides international patient transfer services via private air ambulance and medical escort services on commercial flights.

Our fully licensed, certified and highly experienced medical staff includes ALCS-trained physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists dedicated to safely transporting patients requiring critical medical care.

Why are you called “Fox Flight”?

In the air medical transport industry, it is amazing how many company names are some amalgamation of the words “sky”, “med”, “air”, “icu”, “service”, “wings”, “jet” or “aero”. In fact, there is so much similarity among company names in the industry that it is difficult to differentiate one company from another. The name Fox Flight is simply derived from the last name of the company’s founder and president, David Fox. And, like the company itself, our name is unique in air medical transport industry. There is only one Fox Flight Air Ambulance, and that has been true for more than twenty years.


What is an air ambulance?

An Air Ambulance is a dedicated aircraft specifically configured for patient transport. These aircraft are equipped with specialized monitors and medical equipment and are staffed with fully trained and licensed medical personnel.

Does my patient need an air ambulance?

If your patient is unable to sit upright aboard commercial aircraft or requires specialized critical care staff or equipment, then an air ambulance is recommended.

Are you able to move my patient?

We are able to move most patients once they have been stabilized in a hospital, though continued medical care is still required.

What is my responsibility/checklist for the trip?

Once we are provided with patient information, including their destination medical facility, our chief flight nurse will arrange all patient flight details including:

  • Reviewing patient information
  • Contacting the destination medical facility for an up-to-date medical report
  • Consulting the medical director and assigning appropriate medical staff
  • Arranging or confirming the receiving medical facility information

How does the service operate?

Fox Flight Inc. provides bed-to-bed services for patients requiring aeromedical transfer, sourced individually or through a hospital or insurance company. Just contact Fox Flight to get a quote and our representative will walk you through the process.

What is bedside-to-bedside transport?

In a typical “bed-to-bed” patient transfer, the Fox Flight medical team (or medical escort in the case of a commercial transfer) arrives at the bedside at the sending hospital and takes over responsibility for the patient. The medical team then accompanies the patient to the airport via ground ambulance and monitors their condition throughout the flight. Upon landing, the team accompanies the patient to the destination hospital. Once the patient is received at the destination medical facility, transfer of care is complete.


How much is the service fee?

All costs and related fees are included in the quoted price, which is generally provided in either Canadian dollars (CAD) or US dollars (USD). However, if a quote is required in another currency, we can provide conversions upon request.

How is the service fee calculated?

Our quotes are all-inclusive, meaning they cover all expenses and fees, including aircraft mileage, flight crew, medical consults, landing fees, ground ambulance transportation, and taxes.

Is your quote inclusive of all expenses?

Yes. All expenses and costs are included in the quoted price.

Who pays for your services?

Typically, the cost of Fox Flight’s services are covered by traveller’s health insurance plans, although private individuals and families sometimes pay for our services directly.

What types of payment do you accept?

Fox Flight Inc. accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), wire transfers, bank drafts, and certified cheques.


What is your safety record?

Fox Flight Inc. has an exemplary safety record. The company has successfully completed thousands of patient transfers over the course of two decades in business. Fox Flight is subject to safety standards enforced by aviation regulatory bodies around the world and is accredited globally by EURAMI, the world’s leading aeromedical accreditation agency.

Are you a broker?

No — Fox Flight Inc. is an owner/operator and utilizes only its own air ambulances for medical transfers.

Which aircraft do you use?

Fox Flight’s air ambulance fleet is comprised of specially configured Lear 40-XR aircraft (see the “Fleet” section of the site for more details).


What kind of service can I expect from your medical personnel?

At Fox Flight Inc., quality of care is our top priority. Our professional, knowledgeable and caring medical staff is specially trained in critical ambulatory care and flight psychology, allowing them to provide the best care possible during all phases of patient transport.

Do you have a Medical Director or Supervisor?

Fox Flight Inc. has a full-time Medical Director available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we also have a full-time chief flight nurse, who reviews and closely tracks all flights.

What type of equipment do you use?

We employ state-of-the-art medical equipment for patient care, including:

  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Bottled oxygen
  • Traction splints
  • Scoop stretchers
  • Aircraft stretchers
  • Cardiac monitor
  • Defibrillator
  • Incubation equipment
  • Ventilator
  • I.V. fluids and infusion pumps
  • Portable/mounted suction units
  • Medications as required (basic, emergency and critical care)


How much notice or advance time is required to make flight arrangements for a patient?

We can generally arrange for an air ambulance and make flight preparations within three hours.

How much baggage can I transport on the plane?

Passengers traveling with patients are allowed one small carry-on item per person.

What items are allowed or restricted for transport on the plane?

Our travel restrictions are in accordance with the departing airport’s rules and regulations.

How many family members are allowed on the plane?

Generally, we allow one travel companion to accompany the patient, but it depends on the number of medical staff required by the patient.