Global Accreditation

World-Class Standards

In order to achieve these high accreditations, providers must undergo an extensive analysis of their procedures related to patient care, daily operations, flight and patient documentation, staff training and ongoing aircraft maintenance. By maintaining strict accreditation standards for their member companies, these agencies help to promote excellence in aeromedical services worldwide.


In 2009, in response to a growing demand for medical repatriation services from Europe, Fox Flight sought and received accreditation from the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI). EURAMI provides accreditation for aeromedical transfer services operating throughout Europe and the world via both fixed-wing and rotor aircraft. In order to achieve and maintain EURAMI accreditation, providers must undergo an extensive initial audit and periodic reviews of all medical and flight operations.


In May 2016, Fox flight was certificated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as an authorized third-country Commercial Air Operator, or CAO. To achieve this certification, Fox Flight underwent a comprehensive audit of its safety record and procedures related to equipment, maintenance and training. In addition, the company’s fleet of air ambulances had to meet EASA standards with respct to plane avionics, traffic collision avoidance (TCAS) and flight data recorders.


In 2007, Fox Flight achieved the Gold rating from Argus International Inc., a globally recognized leader in aviation safety and operations certification. The components of the ARGUS Gold rating include historical safety analysis, aircraft validation and pilot background checks (using data from the FAA and the NTSB), as well as onsite safety audits. The Gold rating is assigned to operators who meet or exceed standards for equipment, crew experience, and safety.