LearJet 40XRs

Aeromedical transport is a demanding aviation application with multiple considerations, including aircraft speed, range, durability and cabin ergonomics. Fox Flight’s air ambulance fleet consists of specially configured Learjet 40XRs that strike a perfect balance between these essential elements. Fox Flight air ambulances possess the speed and range needed to complete international patient transfers quickly and efficiently. These aircraft are durable and dependable, allowing Fox Flight to offer consistent round-the-clock service for its clients.

Specially configured cabins customized for the LearJet 40XR

  • Designed specifically for aeromedical transport
  • Guarantee maximum comfort for the patient at all points during transfer
  • Easy access to monitors and other equipment for the medical crew
  • Learjet 40XR Specifications:


    Max Range: 1991 nm or 3687 km
    Service Ceiling: 51000 ft


    Air Crew: 2
    Medical Crew: 2
    Patient: 1
    Companion: 1


    Cabin Height: 5ft 2in
    Door Height: 4ft 9in
    Door Width: 30in


    Mach 0.75
    (570 mph)


    Onboard Equipment

    We employ state-of-the-art medical equipment for patient care, including:
    • Zoll EMV+ 731 Ventilators
    • Zoll X Series Monitor / Pacer / Defibrillator
    • ALS Medication and Equipment
    • iStat Handheld Blood Analyzer
    • Lifeport Plus Stretcher System