Fox Flight Air Ambulance Expands Lear 40-XR Fleet

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(Toronto, December 10, 2019) – Fox Flight Air Ambulance, a Canadian company specializing in international medical repatriation, recently welcomed a third Lear 40-XR to its fleet of specially configured air ambulances. This aircraft features state-of-the-art avionics and has been custom-fitted for dedicated aeromedical operation. It joins two other Lear 40-XRs that were added to the Fox Flight air ambulance fleet in April of 2019.

Company president David Fox says the addition of the third Lear 40-XR completes the company’s planned overhaul of its fleet.

“Just over a year ago we made a decision to update our aircraft and move on from our old Lear 35s and Lear 36,” Fox explains. “After researching our options, we determined that the best equipment option for us was the Lear 40-XR. The longer fuselage has room for a washroom and extra baggage, which means more comfort and convenience for the patient, their companions and our crew. Plus the taller and wider cabin makes it easier for the medical crew to load and unload the patient and provide in-flight care.”

In addition to improved cabin amenities, flight crews on Fox Flight’s new Lear 40-XRs have benefitted from a roomier cockpit, the up-to-date cockpit display and the latest aviation technology. “Our pilots are really enjoying flying the Lear 40-XR for a lot of reasons; it’s a big step up from our old fleet and takes our standard of service to the next level,” says Katrina Rankine, Fox Flight’s director of operations and chief pilot.

In addition to improving the repatriation experience for patients, companions and crews, Fox says the impetus to move to the Lear 40-XR was also driven by the ongoing maintenance demands of older aircraft. Says Fox: “Newer planes are just more reliable, and they are easier to fix if you do have a problem because there are abundant replacement parts available; that means it’s easier for us to keep our planes in the air and available for our clients.”

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Founded in 1996, Fox Flight Inc. is a Canadian air ambulance company providing international, 24-hour, emergency medical transport, bed-to-bed stretcher evacuation and patient escort services on commercial flights. Fox Flight employs a staff of fully licensed physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists as well as highly experienced pilots and aviation maintenance technicians. The company’s fleet of dedicated, fixed-wing air ambulances consists of specially configured Lear 40-XR jets equipped with the latest in advanced intensive care medical technology. Fox Flight’s head office and hangar facilities are located in Toronto. Visit

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