Fox Flight Air Ambulance Launches Patient Study

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TORONTO, August 20, 2016 – Fox Flight Air Ambulance, a Canadian-owned company specializing in international medical repatriation, recently undertook a comprehensive study of the company’s aeromedical patient transfer records. The initiative is being led by Dr. Raymond Kao, medical director of Fox Flight.

“The ultimate goal is to analyze data on every patient transferred by the company in the last 10 years,” says Kao. “We’ll be looking at things like demographic characteristics and administrative and clinical epidemiology, such as the timeline from the job quote to wheels-up to the patient and repatriation, the condition of each patient at the beginning and completion of the transfer, in-flight procedures followed by the medical staff and any problems encountered during the transfer.”

Once all the patient data has been collated, Dr. Kao plans to analyze it for patterns and anomalies that could help the company identify areas where standard procedures can be adjusted to improve administrative efficiency, patient care and transfer outcomes. Fox Flight president David Fox says this is the largest study of patient transfer records the company has undertaken in its history, comprising as many as 1,000 individual cases.

“Because we’ve been doing this work for almost 20 years now, we’re in a unique position to undertake a large-scale study of patient records like this,” says Fox. “The initiative is good for Fox Flight on many levels: we’ll be able to make improvements to our procedures that allow us to do what we do more effectively and just be better prepared to deal with issues that can arise given the condition of the patient being transferred.”

After the study is completed, Dr. Kao hopes to publish his findings, which will allow the broader aeromedical transfer industry to benefit from Fox Flight’s years of experience as well.

About Fox Flight
Founded in 1997, Fox Flight Inc. is a Canadian air ambulance company providing international, 24-hour, emergency medical transport, bed-to-bed stretcher evacuation and onboard patient transfer services on commercial flights. Fox Flight’s head office and hangar facilities are located in Toronto. Fox Flight employs a staff of fully licensed physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists as well as highly experienced pilots and aviation maintenance technicians. The company’s fleet of dedicated, fixed-wing air ambulances consists of specially configured Lear 35A and 36A jets equipped with the latest in advanced intensive care medical technology. Fox Flight has full EURAMI accreditation.

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